Here's some basic rules to be aware of before you come on a CCR ride. We'll point out who's leading the ride before we set off, if you've got any questions during the ride don't hesitate to ask.


Follow the highway-code at all times, including riding no more than two abreast, never ride three abreast.

Be aware of cars at all times and keep it tight when riding two abreast; keep as close together as you're comfortable with.

Ride two abreast where it as safe to do so but always be prepared to single out when necessary.

Respect ALL other road users including drivers, pedestrians, runners, dog- walkers and horse-riders. 

Let others know if you are unable to keep up, have a problem or have decided to leave the group. Always pass the instructions along; if a rider cannot keep up, the leader needs to know.

No racing. Do not overtake the rider/riders at the head of the group. 

Do not react to bad driving with gestures or provoke retaliation.

Look out for other riders on rides, and greet new riders.



If possible, point and shout out any potholes etc in the road to other cyclists in the group.

If there is any other object in the road that you need to swerve to move around, signal and verbally communicate to other riders in advance that you're doing so.

You'll often hear riders shout 'car up' or 'car back', this alerts other riders that a car is approaching.

Ride steadily. Keep a steady line and constant speed while in a group. Any sudden change is magnified as it reaches riders at the back.

Ride with the group which best suits your ability. It is usually better to start low and build up. If in doubt ride leaders and other club members will be happy to advise.

Wait at the top of hills, and at junctions etc until the last rider has arrived.


Helmets must be worn on all club rides.

Riders must be courteous to all other road users.

Riders are welcome along for 3 rides, before we ask you to purchase a club membership, which is available to purchase on the club website.

Ride leaders retain the right to refuse a participants entry to a club ride.

Riders must follow ride leader instruction.